Chapter 1, Page 10: "Be Still"


Chapter 1. page 10: "Be Still." Rain begins to fall outside a dark fortress with red lights illuminating the small windows. A yell comes from the fort: "Hello?!?" Inside the fortress, another shout: "Is anyone there?" Down a set of stairs in the same fortress, another yell: "Jin? Soara? Barne?" Jonah hears a whisper from the shadows as a portion of a face peeks out: "Be still Jonah, he is very close." Jonah is bound inside a machine. Several appendages from the device have pierced his forearms. More machine appendages have pierced his torso, stomach, and back. Jonah cries out: "Soara! Get me down before he comes back! Gah! It feels like my whole body is on fire!!!! Where are we? Wait a minute! Did we crash onto Keth? Are we on the moon? Was that Kor- " In a state of shock, he gasps, "No! That can't be him! He can't possibly be alive!"