Chapter 1, Page 12 : "Engine"


Chapter 1, Page 12: "Engine" Korbin places his hand on an electromechanical chair. The chair has wires connected to it in every other direction. Human skulls with the top portion of the cranium surgically removed litter the ground beneath the chair. Korbin explains, "The preparations are complete. This ENGINE is ready to receive you. You come to my sanctuary, uninvited, as is your nature. I will make use of those of you who have decided not to die from your wounds." Korbin begins to descend a narrow rock staircase toward the pit, which contains the crew of the Proud Mary. Korbin declares as he descends, "When you are on the brink of death, your entire miserable life "flashes" before your eyes. This reaction is what passes for your mind searching its memories and stored experiences in some way, any way, to survive. My engine will harvest these "flashes" and visions for the energy that I require and for the pleasure of stamping out more of your kind."