Chapter 1, Page 14: "Volunteers"


Chapter 1, Page 14: "Volunteers" After Korbin finishes his monologue, A large brawny man with a bald head stands up, he is brandishing a chain with his meaty hands, he shouts, "Great speech! Real spooky! Nobody is gonna sit in your "Magic" Chair!" Another man stands up, he is slender of build, his arm is wrapped up in a bandage, he speaks quietly, "Take me. It should be me. I was at the helm when we went down." Another crew member protests, "Sit down, Jin, it wasn't your fault..." Korbin grabs the slender man peers down at him and shouts, "Your fault is your very existence. It matters not the order you choose to ascend those stairs your end is..." His speech is stopped mid-sentence by the brawny flying man, the man shouts, "Enough" as he wraps the chain around Korbin's head.