Chapter 1, Page 14: "Volunteers"


Chapter 1, Page 14: "Volunteers" After Korbin finishes his monologue, A large brawny man with a bald head stands up, he is brandishing a chain with his meaty hands, he shouts, "Great speech! Real spooky! Nobody is gonna sit in your "Magic" Chair!" Another man stands up, he is slender of build, his arm is wrapped up in a bandage, he speaks quietly, "Take me. It should be me. I was at the helm when we went down." Another crew member protests, "Sit down, Jin, it wasn't your fault..." Korbin grabs the slender man peers down at him and shouts, "Your fault is your very existence. It matters not the order you choose to ascend those stairs your end is..." His speech is stopped mid-sentence by the brawny flying man, the man shouts, "Enough" as he wraps the chain around Korbin's head.

Chapter 1, Page 13: "Stripped"


Chapter 1, Page 13: "Stripped" Korbin towers above the cowering captives from the Proud Mary Crew. He speaks to the crew, "There is no escape. This engine will record your demise. And I will watch as your mind breaks apart." The sound of his voice boom throughout the pit, "Your spirit will be siphoned away and added to my own. Everything you ever were will be stripped to the bone." The proud mary crew beings to look around at each other confused, someone speaks up, "Ummm, is he talking to us?"

Chapter 1, Page 12 : "Engine"


Chapter 1, Page 12: "Engine" Korbin places his hand on an electromechanical chair. The chair has wires connected to it in every other direction. Human skulls with the top portion of the cranium surgically removed litter the ground beneath the chair. Korbin explains, "The preparations are complete. This ENGINE is ready to receive you. You come to my sanctuary, uninvited, as is your nature. I will make use of those of you who have decided not to die from your wounds." Korbin begins to descend a narrow rock staircase toward the pit, which contains the crew of the Proud Mary. Korbin declares as he descends, "When you are on the brink of death, your entire miserable life "flashes" before your eyes. This reaction is what passes for your mind searching its memories and stored experiences in some way, any way, to survive. My engine will harvest these "flashes" and visions for the energy that I require and for the pleasure of stamping out more of your kind."

Chapter 1, Page 11: "The State of Things"


Chapter 1, Page 11: "The State of Things" Jonah still attached to his machine prison, asks, "Why are we on Keth Soara? Where is the rest of the crew? How can a guy that was sentenced to die 300 years ago be alive and roaming the hallways?" Soara half-hidden behind a red sandstone pillar, replies, "The return flight to Lee'Dor-an was not optimal. We crashed here instead. The proud mary broke apart on impact. There are 8 dead and 5 unaccounted for. he is holding the remaining 11 in the pit below. Korbin was sentenced to death; he was given three life sentences. A "normal" human lives about 100 years. He was imprisoned for 300 years. A "normal" human would have died. He did not. They released him. Time served, and here we all are." A tall metallic door begins to open, revealing Korbin. He walks through and cries, "Give me your attention, vermin."

Chapter 1, Page 10: "Be Still"


Chapter 1. page 10: "Be Still." Rain begins to fall outside a dark fortress with red lights illuminating the small windows. A yell comes from the fort: "Hello?!?" Inside the fortress, another shout: "Is anyone there?" Down a set of stairs in the same fortress, another yell: "Jin? Soara? Barne?" Jonah hears a whisper from the shadows as a portion of a face peeks out: "Be still Jonah, he is very close." Jonah is bound inside a machine. Several appendages from the device have pierced his forearms. More machine appendages have pierced his torso, stomach, and back. Jonah cries out: "Soara! Get me down before he comes back! Gah! It feels like my whole body is on fire!!!! Where are we? Wait a minute! Did we crash onto Keth? Are we on the moon? Was that Kor- " In a state of shock, he gasps, "No! That can't be him! He can't possibly be alive!"

Chapter 1, Page 9: "Bound"


Chapter 1, Page 9: "Bound" Jonah lies in the wreckage, his helmet visor is destroyed, and his spacesuit has been pierced through his body with large sharp stones. He wheezes, "What happened? Where is the rest of the crew?" Korbin wraps the chain around Jonah's chest and neck and asks, "Why have you come? It always ends the same for your kind." Korbin positions himself behind Jonah and begins to drag Jonah behind him. He continues rambling, "Yet still you, come." Jonah is unresponsive. Korbin starts dragging Jonah up a set of stone steps and says, "Very well vermin...let us find what remains of your crew."

Chapter 1, Page 8: "Welcoming Party"


Chapter 1, page 8: "Welcoming Party." Jonah lies atop the wreckage of the Proud Mary. He begins to cough and gurgle. He can see two metallic orbs with green lights above him. Jonah weakly cries out: "Don't *cough* make me leave. I wanna stay." As he cries out, a horned figure with glowing eyes approaches him, growing until it looms above him. Korbin questions: "Stay? Yes, filth, you will stay.". He brandishes a red chain between his long, gray, twig-like fingers. "Stay until the end."

Chapter 1, Page 7 : "Stay"


Chapter 1, Page 7: "Stay" We return to the silhouette of a house, Jonah is now outside the house sitting on the same couch. It is dark and cold. Jonah's grandmother says, "You don't belong HERE, Jonah." Grandpa says, "You have to go now." Jonah pleads, "I just don't understand. Why can't I stay a little longer." The grandparent's clothes change black, and they stand on top of a pile of autumn leaves. Grandma says, "Because Jonah, you are still alive." Grandpa says, "And we have been dead all these years." Jonah feels a space helmet being placed on his head. He can see the reflection of human skulls in his visor looks and a fall leaf in his hand. He asks, "Dead? Then where am I?" The scene changes to a catastrophically wrecked spaceship. There are space traveler's boots and gloves lying on top of the wreckage. Jonah weakly cries out, "Grandpa, I wanna stay."

Chapter 1, Page 6: "Wearing Out Your Welcome"


Chapter 1, Page 6: "Wearing Out Your Welcome" The young man sits on a small red couch. There's a lava lamp sitting in the background. Thee young man begins to fall asleep. The man's thoughts continue: "I fell asleep on the little red couch, just like I did when i was a kid. All was forgiven, all was well again. Until... " Grandpa came and stood over me with his beady spectacles, bald head, and large, whiskery mustache. His ears looked like satellite dishes. He quietly whispered, "Wake up, Jonah... We want you to leave." My eyes slowly open, and I sit up on the couch. I begin to speak to grandpa: "Leave? What did I do wrong? I came back as soon as I could. I was so far away; I had no idea what happened to you. But I'm home now, why can't I stay?"

Chapter 1, Page 5: "The Prodigal Grandson"


Chapter 1, Page 5: "The Prodigal Grandson" On a background of stars, there lies a silhouette of a house and a man leaning against a tree. His thoughts begin, "I never left just sort of evaporated around me. Family moved, couples split, people passed. One day, with no reason to stay, I wandered out into the world as well, and did my best to forget where i came from." A hand knocks twice on the entry door. An elderly couple embraces the young man. The young man's thoughts continue, "When I finally did return to weigh the memories from a boy's heart against the mind of a grown man. They welcomed me back with open arms." The elderly couple sits down at a dinner table prepared for a meal. The old man pulls out a chair and invites the young man to sit down. The memory continues, "We shared a meal and talked for hours. No one mentioned why I left or who was to blame." The elderly couple and the young man sit together laughing. "We laughed and joked about days gone by. It felt like I had never left. not like I had been gone for decades."

Chapter 1, Page 4 : "The Entity"


The horned robed purple entity is slouched over. With labored breath, the body begins to question the sentinel, "How long machine? How long have i been dormant this time?" Audible clicks come from the machine, and it responds, "Entity Korbin has been inactive for 6 years." An arm from the machine reaches for a copper-colored mask on the ground. The device continues, "Entity Korbin terminated all invaders on Keth and then ceased biological functions." It picks up the cover and carefully places it on the Korbin's face. Korbin questions the machine again, "And now?" Sentinal prime informs Korbin, "A new invader contingent has arrived to subdue entity Korbin. Sentinel Prime has fulfilled its function. Awaiting further instructions." More audible clicks leave the machine. Korbin commands the sentinel, "Take me to them."