Chapter 1, Page 11: "The State of Things"


Chapter 1, Page 11: "The State of Things" Jonah still attached to his machine prison, asks, "Why are we on Keth Soara? Where is the rest of the crew? How can a guy that was sentenced to die 300 years ago be alive and roaming the hallways?" Soara half-hidden behind a red sandstone pillar, replies, "The return flight to Lee'Dor-an was not optimal. We crashed here instead. The proud mary broke apart on impact. There are 8 dead and 5 unaccounted for. he is holding the remaining 11 in the pit below. Korbin was sentenced to death; he was given three life sentences. A "normal" human lives about 100 years. He was imprisoned for 300 years. A "normal" human would have died. He did not. They released him. Time served, and here we all are." A tall metallic door begins to open, revealing Korbin. He walks through and cries, "Give me your attention, vermin."